EVOO, a healthy ally
aove aliado salud

EVOO, the fashionable word among gourmets, those who want to be fashionable and those who, without knowing it, have already added it to their vocabulary. Blessed language!…Oh, and what a pleasure to use acronyms!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ‘EVOO’. The new jewel in the crown of millions of kitchens worldwide, either for its characteristic flavor, its nutritional properties or simply for being an essential and very healthy ingredient, for a long time now, in all our meals.

There are many types of Olive Oils, but the difference between a common one and those offered in ‘La Cultivada’, extra virgin, mark a before and after in the quality of food for oneself and one’s family.

On the one hand, normal olive oil is made from a blend of virgin olive oil with refined olive oil, which is the one that has suffered some defect during processing. This is the most common and most economical, yes, but in our opinion, not the best for the body.

On the other hand, EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) is the best oil, since it captures the aroma and the best flavor of the olive. It is analyzed before being marketed to check that it has no defects and that it is in perfect condition. It is the product that we all want in the kitchen and that, in addition, has a multitude of varieties .

Likewise, if you want to add even more reasons to your mental list to know why you should choose EVOO from ‘La Cultivada’ and not the typical one from the supermarket, here are some of the benefits of this healthy ally:

– Helps prevent degenerative diseases

– Aids digestion and fights constipation

– Possesses anticarcinogenic properties

– Contains skin, cuticle and hair benefits

– Prevents cardiovascular disease

– Strengthens bone health

– Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes

If you want to know more about EVOO, its properties and benefits, or if you are just curious about how we elaborate and treat it at ‘La Cultivada’, don’t be shy, follow us at @lacultivada (instagram). We are waiting for you!

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