Premium and Organic Olive Oil a cult of taste and knowledge

Arbequina Scented and sincere

10,00€ – 19,00€

Hojiblanca Expressive and elegant

11,00€ – 20,00€

Picual Luscious and luxurious

16,00€ – 19,00€

Quintaesencia Ethereal and persisting

9,50€ – 55,00€

Don't know which Extra Virgin Olive Oil to choose?

neither do we. we love them all!

Each variety has its own personality

Dare to Cultivate your palate and dishes with our

complete tasting box set

Dare to Cultivate your palate and dishes with our

tasting box sets

Cultivate better taste for yourself

The taste and aroma of La Cultivada is so surprising, is it natural?

It’s a completely natural juice of olives. These are the flavours given by the land at a specially selected moment, not before and not after. The fruit captures all the aromas and flavors of the countryside, and gives us that freshness and fruitiness that we then extract by mechanical means and at cold temperature. It has no added preservatives or artificial flavourings.

What's the recommended way to use La Cultivada?

It is best to taste these evoos “raw”, straight from the can, as this is the best way to fully take advantage of their aromas, flavours and health benefits.

Are all EVOOs equally healthy?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the healthiest fat there is, but not all EVOOs are the same. Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the healthiest of all due to its antioxidant properties and high polyphenol content, making it a true superfood.