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"The art of making Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil"

Not all EVOOs are the same

La Cultivada is a unique, family-produced olive oil that comes from Organic Cultivation based on ecologically sustainable agricultural practices. Our work is complete when we obtain our remarkable olive juices, rich in polyphenols, with complex aromas and exceptional and delicious flavours.

Each EVOO is unique because of its terroir and distinct culture.

The secret of our quality is due to the utmost care and attention we take at every step of the EVOO production process, starting with the terroir itself and our environmentally-friendly cultivation.

When selecting our juices, we are guided by a culture and know-how gained over many years of experience. The same applies to the conservation of the oils in the cellar and their subsequent packaging. Everything is done according to an acquired, dynamic culture, which is constantly updated and improved.

la cultivada is evoo

EVOO stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This is the highest quality of olive oil, described as a juice of olives with no defects at all, and in its optimum state. It is extracted at cold temperatures (below 27 degrees) and only by means of mechanical processes. Its acidity is less than 0.8.

EVOO should never be confused with Virgin Olive Oil (VOO) or regular Olive Oil (OO) because these are very different products, even though they come from the same fruit. VOO is an oil that has defects and its acidity ranges from 0.8 to 2 degrees. Olive oil (OO) is much lower quality oil, since it has been subjected to a chemical process called refining.

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La Cultivada is Organic EVOO

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is born in a living olive grove and is free of any chemical residues because it comes from land where no herbicides or agrotoxins are applied and the natural ecosystem is not altered.

Our organic farming, controlled and certified, is aimed at preserving and improving soil fertility, encouraging the presence of mycorrhizae, which are beneficial organisms that surround the roots of trees and contribute to their health and nutrition.

The organic certification of our juices is renewed annually and ensures that we meet the highest standards.

We use biodynamic practices in order to produce a more vibrant organic EVOO. We use preparations 500 and 501, which bring fertility and light to our olive groves. We also follow the biodynamic calendar for our agricultural work and apply additional preparations that help to maintain healthy and thriving crops for everyone.

Differences between EVOO from organic farming and EVOO from conventional farming.

EVOO from Conventional Farming

EVOO from Organic Farming

La Cultivada is Premium EVOO

Not all Extra Virgin Olive Oils are the same. Premium EVOOs have a higher content of polyphenols (natural antioxidant compounds) due to the early harvesting of green olives, which are immediately processed after collection and then carefully selected and stored.

La Cultivada is a remarkable olive oil and its quality is the result of a complete process, where each step is carefully controlled and focussed on obtaining excellence and uniqueness in the market. La Cultivada is the distinctive expression of a terroir, a vision and a culture that is rooted in continuous learning. We create complex and harmonious sensory profiles which are also extremely healthy due to their high antioxidant power. Our Mediterranean juices are early harvest high in polyphenols and selected for their exceptional sensory attributes. La Cultivada is flavour, health and sustainability.

Expression, uniqueness and quality at every step.

Family-owned production

Good fruit means good EVOO. The first factory in the making of a good EVOO is the tree. In order to obtain excellent juices, the olive needs to be understood and cared for as a fruit throughout the year. Pruning is essential to provide the olive tree with light, and the amount of water used will also affect the quality of the oil.

Early harvest and cold extraction

Because our EVOO is a natural juice and its freshness is crucial, we ensure its unique character by harvesting veraison, when the fruit when it is still green. The extraction of the juice is carried out at very low temperatures, with the pulp beaten slowly for a short period of time so as not to lose the volatile compounds that provide aroma and flavor.

Careful selection of the EVOO

Every year, our experts in sensory analysis, select the olive juices, striving for unique aromas and flavors, in order to offer an Organic and Premium Signature Oil rich in polyphenols, with the highest organoleptic excellence.

Filtration of Premium and Organic EVOO

We filter our liquid gold by hand, using cellulose pads of the highest quality both for the EVOO and for the environment, and which are 100% biodegradable.

Traceability from the tree to the container

We only bottle our own evoos. We start packaging the new harvest in November and throughout the year we continuously control the quality of the EVOO in the cellar, before each new bottling, since it is a live food that is in constant evolution. The material used for the container is also very important for maintaining the quality of the juice. Our cans, which are free from BisPhenol A, preserve the aroma and flavor of La Cultivada extremely well, as does the use of dark glass.

To Cultivate is to write upon the earth
La Cultivada is a natural juice of olives –
the expression of its terroir.
It invites us to be conscious and creative
both in the kitchen and while we eat,
nourishing the senses, the soul and the heart.
La Cultivada is aesthetics and ethics;
health and gratitude;
it is listening to nature
and a mythological experience.

Elena Vecino, Founder of La Cultivada.

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Arbequina Scented and sincere

Hojiblanca Expressive and elegant

Picual Luscious and luxurious

Quintaesencia Ethereal and persisting