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Expressive and elegant.

Hojiblanca is our top award-winning EVOO. A vivacious oil, green and enveloping. With hints of tomato, aromatic herbs and artichoke.

Joyfully vibrant and with an attractive spiciness, it infuses the palate with energy.

International award-winner:

la cultivada hojiblanca premium evoo

For lovers of salads and vegetable who are looking for a healthy dressing.

a perfect evoo for

Eating on its own as an appetiser, with some good artisan bread. Accompanying a green salad (don’t add vinegar), and for drizzling over roasted vegetables, oily fish, pasta and creamy vegetable soups.

What’s more, our Hojiblanca EVOO is ideal for making sushi and giving that gourmet touch to your beef carpaccios, bulgur wheat salads and rice dishes with seafood.

international award-winner

more about hojiblanca evoo

100% hojiblanca single variety olive juice, from organic and family-owned production.
An exclusive and limited family selection EVOO.
Produced in Cordoba, Andalusia (Spain).

All our containers are BPA Free.


In a third-party consumption study, with more than 92,978 participants over 24 years, it was demonstrated that the daily consumption of EVOO is beneficial to health.


Reduction in the risk of suffering from a cardiovascular event.

40 - 50 g

Amount of EVOO recommended to be consumed on a daily basis.


Reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease.

Time to Cultivate

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of EVOO can reduce irritation and improve the functioning of the digestive system.

EVOO is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic acid, which can help to reduce LDL (“bad cholesterol”) and promote healthy levels of HDL (“good cholesterol”). This may reduce the risk of heart disease.

By continually consuming EVOO for two months, you can benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties. Phenolic compounds present in EVOO, such as oleocanthal, can help to reduce inflammation in the body, which can be beneficial for conditions such as arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

When consuming EVOO over a period of several months, you will obtain a significant amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the body’s cells against oxidative stress caused by free radicals. This can help to delay cellular aging and also reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

frequently asked questions

This is the variety we have presented most often in competitions.

It’s the variety most appreciated by professional tasters due to its elegance and predominance of herbaceous notes, combined with its seductive spiciness on the palate and the hints of chili pepper and aromatic herbs. But all of our EVOOs have received awards for their quality.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the healthiest fat that exists and the only one without any harmful side effects. But not all EVOOs are the same. Premium EVOO is the healthiest of all because of its antioxidant power, high polyphenol content and other so-called “minor” compounds that are only found in Early Harvest EVOOs.

Premium EVOO is an olive juice that oxidises when exposed to light, air and heat. The can is the best container for conserving its aroma and flavour because it protects the oil from both air and light. It’s important to keep the cans away from sources of heat, and always keep the cap tightly closed.

La Cultivada is a juice, and our whole process of early harvesting, cold extraction, storage and bottling is designed to preserve the oil’s antioxidants as well as the volatile compounds that give it its aromas and flavours If we heat this EVOO, we would lose the results gained by all of that effort. That’s why we recommend using it “raw”, straight from the can onto your food.

BPA refers to Bisphenol A (Bis-Phenol A), an industrial chemical that is toxic for the body and and is found in plastic. Our cans have a special food-grade inner coating to ensure that the EVOO does come into contact with the metal. This is specially manufactured for us and is free of BPA.

Yes, it is ideal for all kinds of salads, and much more besides. It is perfect for giving that special final touch of flavour that will complete any dish. It’s also unbeatable as an appetiser: “Dipping bread in olive oil will whet the appetite”.

Although it may seem incredible, La Cultivada is a completely natural olive juice. These are the flavours given by the land at a specially selected moment, not before and not after. At that magical moment, the fruit captures all the aromas and flavours of the countryside which you don’t expect to find in an olive oil. La Cultivada is extracted the same way as a natural fruit juice: mechanically, without using extra heat, and without using any type of additives to preserve the aromas and flavours. Absolutely no artificial flavourings or preservatives are added.

We use this term when we harvest the olives in October and November. At this time of year, the olives are still green and give juices characterised by their unique freshness and fruitiness.

It is very healthy, and very good for your health in general. It also helps to regulate intestinal transit. La Cultivada Arbequina is the most suitable advisable to take on an empty tomach given its delicate flavour.

Not all Extra Virgin Olive Oils are the same. The cost involved in producing a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is much higher than for a regular evoo because the fruit is harvested at a time when it has very low yields. Many more kilos of olives have to be harvested in order to produce one litre of Premium EVOO as compared to a regular oil. The extraction process is slower, and a long selection process has to take place before the juices are bottled.

The term “cold pressed” is now obsolete. The old method of pressing has been replaced by the contemporary oil mill, so the correct term nowadays is “cold extraction”.

All Extra Virgin is the result of the first extraction. But Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted at a lower temperature.

• Deliveries to mainland Spain: You will receive your order in approximately 2 to 3 working days, if we receive the order before 12:00. If we receive it after 12:00 PM, the delivery time will be approximately 3 to 4 business days. Delivery times may be increased by 1 additional working day when delivering to very remote areas.

– Deliveries to the Balearic Islands and Portugal: Deliveries to the Balearic Islands and Portugal will take 24 hours longer than those to mainland Spain.

– We do not ship to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.

We assure you that we will do everything possible to ensure that your order arrives within the abovementioned delivery times. However, we cannot be held responsible for external factors (extraordinary circumstances affecting transport services, strikes, accidents, etc.) that may affect the delivery of the order and, therefore, the fulfillment of the delivery time.

Deliveries to the rest of the world. Worldwide shipping.

We love to ship La Cultivada outside our borders and we deliver to almost all of Europe: Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia.

If your desired destination does not appear during the purchase process, please send your inquiry to

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