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about aove la cultivada

Although it may seem incredible, La Cultivada is a completely natural olive juice. These are the flavours given by the land at a specially selected moment, not before and not after. It is that magical moment when the fruit captures all those aromas and flavors from the field that one does not imagine could exist in an oil. La Cultivada is extracted the same way as a natural fruit juice: mechanically, without using extra heat, and without using any type of additives to preserve the aromas and flavours. Absolutely no artificial flavourings or preservatives are added.

It is the best way to take advantage of its aroma, flavor and health benefits, and it is best eaten raw.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the healthiest fat that exists and the only one without any harmful side effects. But not all EVOOs are the same. Premium EVOO is the healthiest of all because of its antioxidant power, high polyphenol content and other so-called “minor” compounds that are only found in Early Harvest EVOOs.

Yes, it is ideal for all kinds of salads, and much more besides. It is perfect for giving that special final touch of flavour that will complete any dish. It’s also unbeatable as an appetiser: “Dipping bread in olive oil will whet the appetite”.

Cultivada is a juice, and the whole process of harvesting, cold extraction, preservation and packaging is aimed at preserving the antioxidants and volatiles that give it its aroma and flavor. If we heat this EVOO, we would lose the results gained by all of that effort. It would be a contradiction in terms.

It is very healthy, and very good for your health in general. It also helps to regulate intestinal transit. La Cultivada Arbequina is the most suitable advisable to take on an empty tomach given its delicate flavour.

You can take as much EVOO as you wish. And it is recommended as the main fat in the diet because it is the only one that does not have any harmful side effects.

Its daily and continuous consumption is recommended, preferably raw, to benefit from its healthy properties.

We use this term when the olives are harvested in October and November, when they are still green and give those unique juices for their freshness and fruitiness.

BPA refers to Bisphenol A (Bis-Phenol A), an industrial chemical that is toxic for the body and and is found in plastic. Our cans have a special food-grade inner coating to ensure that the EVOO does come into contact with the metal. This is specially manufactured for us and is free of BPA.

Not all Extra Virgin Oils are the same:

  • The cost involved in producing a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is much higher than for a regular evoo because the fruit is harvested at a time when it has very low yields.
  • Many more kilos of olives have to be harvested in order to produce one litre of Premium EVOO as compared to a regular oil.
  • The extraction process is slower, and a long selection process has to take place before the juices are bottled.

The term “cold pressed” is now obsolete. The old method of pressing has been replaced by the contemporary oil mill, so the correct term nowadays is “cold extraction”.

All Extra Virgin is the result of the first extraction. But Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted at a lower temperature.

Premium EVOO is an olive juice that oxidises when exposed to light, air and heat. The can is the best container for conserving its aroma and flavour because it protects the oil from both air and light. It’s important to keep the cans away from sources of heat, and always keep the cap tightly closed.

Our cans have an internal food coating that isolates the juice from the metal, and this coating is specially manufactured for La Cultivada to be Bisphenol A free.

An Extra Virgin made from a single variety of olives. It is necessary to make a great work of selection to find the excellence we are looking for in a single variety, since Extra Virgin Olive Oil, unlike wine, does not have a subsequent process that can improve what has been obtained. The EVOO obtained cannot be modified, hence the great importance of selection.

The spiciness of Premium EVOO is highly valued by lovers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as it indicates the presence of polyphenols, natural antioxidant compounds with anti-inflammatory properties. The spiciness of La Cultivada Picual is pleasant and balanced with other flavors and aromas, creating a complex and satisfying taste experience.

The spiciness may vary depending on the type of olives used, the time of harvest and the extraction technique.

Yes, this is the most suitable variety of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for introducing children to the world of EVOO. It’s an oil they like very much due to its delicate fruitiness reminiscent of banana, apple and almond. It is also the best for the famous teaspoonful on an empty stomach.

No, Quintaesencia is a blend of all the olives from the estate. We call it the “blend” of the house because each year we elaborate it according to the profile of each single varietal. Making a good blend is an art.

The art of blending:

La Cultivada Quintaesencia is a blend of EVOO, a mixture of different types of Extra Virgin Olive Oils with the objective of obtaining an EVOO with a specific and balanced flavor and aroma profile.

The Quintaesencia Cultivada is made with all the olives from the Santa Ana Mill, and depending on the harvest will have slight variations in flavor. It is the flavor of the house and we enjoy making it very much.

No, all our EVOOs are very harmonious and well-balanced, with no notes that overpower the others. It is a more robust EVOO due to its moderate bitterness, which is consistent with the oil’s spiciness and the green fruitiness.

This is the variety we have presented most often in competitions.

It’s the variety most appreciated by professional tasters due to its elegance and predominance of herbaceous notes, combined with its seductive spiciness on the palate and the hints of chili pepper and aromatic herbs. But all of our EVOOs have received awards for their quality.

Neither do we. We like them all! Each variety has its own character and aromatic profile. We recommend experimenting with different varieties to cultivate our palates and dishes with these delicious Mediterranean flavors. They offer us infinite pairing possibilities, try them with different foods, also with wine and natural juices. Dare to Cultivate!

At the moment we have three varieties:

  • The hojiblanca olive tree, a variety originating in Andalusia, is characterized by its medium to large size, with intense green leaves on the upper side and silvery on the underside, which gives it its name and its “hojiblanca” appearance. Its olives are medium to large in size, oval in shape and abundant pulp.
  • The Picual olive tree is a variety of olive tree widely cultivated in Andalusia. especially in Jaén, where it originated. It is a very rustic variety that has adapted perfectly to the climatic and soil conditions. The name “Picual” comes from the pointed shape of the olive. The tree is medium to large in size, and the olives are medium-sized with a high oil concentration and very resistant.
  • The Arbequina olive tree is a variety of olive tree that has been cultivated since the 18th century in the region of Arbeca, in Catalonia, although it originated in Palestine. This variety of olive tree is characterized by a small to medium sized tree, with a weeping habit and small, narrow, light green leaves. Its olives are round and tiny.

Giving a good extra virgin olive oil as a gift is on-trend, especially when it’s a unique oil that expresses the flavour of a territory and an ancient artisan culture. Go ahead, you’ll pleasantly surprise the recipient with the colours and presentation of our cans. What’s more, they’ll remember you for a long time, for as long as the evoo lasts, because you’ll have opened up a hitherto unknown world of flavours that they will be able to pair with all kinds of dishes. They’ll discover the versatility of this juice of olives, the healthiest condiment there is. And finally, when not a single drop is left, they won’t want to throw the cans away and will be able to use them as pen holders, vases and even small plant pots for the home.

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